Naked men

The body has been source of artistic searching, from Greek sculptures to Rodin figures, in many differents forms, body cause interest, devotion and expectation in humans beings.

In this oportunity “Transtantic men” present a collection of twelve calendar photographs, most of them made by Paula James (2006), exception of one that has no reference. All are common situations at the bar, in the bathroom, camping, at the pool, working out, in front of the mirror; with some others no so common but anyway familiar situations as in a small place of the house, surround of nature, climbing a mountain, playing a violoncello, at the kitchen, painting a selfportrait and at Christmas tree. All of them show naked trans men, in artistic and sensitive maners.

Photogragh in a slight manner, could show what is inside and hide what is obvious, they give us essential aspect of any person: a face, a look, an expression. They undress in front of us to make clear that no matter social clothes and ideological dresses, taking appart fears, all are the same and different, at the same time, flesh and blood, poison and salt.

The body will always be the same but at the same time a transgression when is use to show that we are the same as we see ourself. This calendar 2008 give as the great sensation that we are what we want to be.

We celebrate this work and creative project of de FTM Network, Press for Change, Gires, Depend, Mermaids y T-Boys to make Transtantic Men 2008. Also we say congratulations to South Yourkshire Police which announce his vacancy in this calendar, we really believe this is a step forward to symbolic revolution of gender.

Photo Gallery

The purpose of Trans World secretariat is to connect all the activists groups around the world who are working on transgender, transexual or transvestite issues.

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