Welcome to the ILGA Trans Secretariat

This site is a platform to discuss subjects related to sexual and generic diversity. It is a place of dialogue, in order to develop world-wide thematic forums that involve the six geographic regions in which ILGA is constituted, (Latin America and the Caribbean; North America; Europe; Africa; Asia; Australia, New Zealand and Islands of the Pacific) from the voice of transexual, transvestite, intersexual and transgender people towards the construction of their own worldwide movement.

We want to turn this page into an effective tool that integrates all the activists and Trans groups worldwide thus establishing a dialogue that involves the greater Trans family, as well as to encourage the solidarity that will fortify our movement, establishing our identity like a valid cultural construction.

The “Trans” term, tries to include the multiplicity of alternative and insurgent expressions of gender and sexuality different to the traditional binary sort, it is not an agreed or approved word, nor definitive, because it is also a matter of discussion. In any case, it is an initiative, a provocation and a pretext to begin this effort that will only be possible with your participation.

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The purpose of Trans World secretariat is to connect all the activists groups around the world who are working on transgender, transexual or transvestite issues.

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